Inaya Khemu , daughter of Soha Ali Khan Khemu

Inaya has always loved her shoes and we were so glad when we discovered a local homegrown brand like Aria Aria + Nica a few years ago. The footwear isn’t only aesthetic but also so so comfortable that we never hve a bad feet day!

Ishna Batra

Anaaya and shiv have both worn Aria Nica since it was launched. They absolutely love the trendy and comfortable styles that never get boring as they are constantly coming up with something new! Can proudly say this made in India brand is one of our favorites

Tanya Vatsa

My kids love aria nica shoes!! Not only are their designs absolutely ADORABLE - but the scandals and slippers are super comfortable too!
It’s a brand that has truly raised the standard of what is available locally and is one that we are proud and happy to support!
Definitely recommend aria and nica to everyone looking for kids shoes :)